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What are calibrations

Calibrations are conducted with managers to align performance ratings and promotions within the department during the end of year performance review. This process is supported by People Partners and the Talent & Culture team. The Management team calibrates ratings across all departments to ensure fair and consistent ratings.

Managers are required to discuss the ratings they chose to give in the manager evaluation task  and their justification, while the other participants can support, question or challenge the rating. We also use the collected 360 feedback to help support the discussion.

During the mid-year performance check-in there will be a panel discussion similar to the end of year calibrations but focused on promotions. These sessions are called Promotion Committees.

What are calibrations?

why do we calibrate

Why do we calibrate?

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what is the proess

What steps do we take?

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as a manager, wht is my role

In order to come to an alignment we expect each member of the calibration to be an active participant in the discussion whether to support or challenge the rating and/or promotion, where necessary. 

  • Be an active listener during the session 

  • Be curious and ask questions

  • Be aware of biases, both your own and others

  • Be objective

  • Consider both the what and the how

As a manager, what is my role during calibrations?

how can i prepare

During calibrations you are given 3 minutes to provide the justification for your rating so it’s important to be concise. 

When giving your rating for your employee you will have already been considering the What and the How, the Rating Descriptors, the employee’s 360 Feedback and the leveling criteria/career framework. If you need further guidance on how to give a rating click here.


Consider key moments from the last performance period that make the basis of your rating and if you are having difficulty in keep your “pitch” concise and within time, for high performers choose:

  • Three key achievements/outputs that have gone above expectations

  • Three key strengths/behaviours that really enable this employee to succeed

  • One key area/recommendation for further development

  • Summary of 360 Feedback 

  • What did you consider as to why they are not the rating above or below

How can I prepare for calibrations/promotion committees?

Click on the e-training below to learn more about how to prepare for calibrations:

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We have prepared a template to assist you in building your pitch here.


For further details on preparing for your team members promotion please refer to our promotions page.

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