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Growth Plan


Growth Plans empower you to take ownership and action upon your feedback to develop yourself both professionally (what) and personally (how). You are empowered to own your personal growth plan. Your manager's role includes providing support and encouragement for you. Use regular 1on1s to catch-up on the plan to help you reach your goals.

More questions? Check out the FAQ on Growth Plans.

why create a growth plan

Why should I create a growth plan? 

Research shows you are 42% more likely to achieve a growth goal if you write it down. This is why growth planning can be so powerful for setting you up on a path towards your success. Additionally this plan can be used to regularly check-in with your manager about your progress to celebrate achievements and get support.

how do i find areas

How do I find areas to focus my growth on? 

Use the insights from your feedback conversation to outline areas you would like to focus on for the next 6 - 12 months. For these areas, think of learning opportunities (e.g. trainings, conferences, educational budget) as well as experience pieces (e.g. new projects & responsibilities, feedback opportunities) to grow in the flow of work. Collect all these items in workday to keep them handy for regular check-ins and the next performance review.

how to set up my plan

How do I set up my plan in Workday?

When setting your Growth Plan in Workday, think about which type is the right one for you and select the appropriate template:


Individual Growth Plan

The IGP is available to S- and IC-track individuals at any time. Its completion is recommended but optional when you receive an on track / performing, exceeding, outstanding rating.

PLP Growth Plan

The PLP Growth Plan is available to M-track individuals at any time. Its completion is recommended but optional when you received an on track / performing, exceeding, outstanding rating. It consists only of specific PLP reflection questions and the possibility to create PLP targeted development items.

Individual Development Plan

The IDP is available to S-, IC- and M-track individuals at any time. Its completion is mandatory when you received an off track / development needed, unsatisfactory rating.

Access the tutorial below to know how do start your growth plan in Workday:

Growth Plan Examples per Department

The samples bellow aim to demonstrate how to create your own growth plan. Do not copy the example on your individual growth plan. 

Examples per department
Screenshot 2022-10-12 at 10.19.55.png

Growth Plan Examples for Manager

what are next steps

How do I action upon my Growth Plan?

After setting up your plan it is crucial to have regular check-ins with your manager in order to celebrate successes and do adjustments along the way. These regular check-ins are also a great place to ask for feedback and address and blockers that might have come up.


Check out the FAQ on to find answers.


further ressources


Graphics for LMS.png

Growth Planning for Heroes E-learning

Learn how to approach your growth goals and create your growth plan

Graphics for LMS.png

Leveraging your strengths

Consider your strengths to create your growth plan. Learn how to find and maximize your the things you are good at.

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 17.06.26.png

Growth One-Pager

Here you can find an one-pager to clarify why is growth important, how to approach it and more tips.

Screenshot 2021-10-22 at 13.33.33.png

Making Feedback count in your Growth Plan

Learn how you can apply your feedbacks on your Growth Plan.

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 17.06.26.png

High 5 Strenghts Test

Self assessment to discover your strengths

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Sign up for internal training focus on practice (dependant of availability of sessions)

Use the career tools below to identify areas for growth and reflect on your career journey.

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