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Manager Growth Opportunities

An amazing employee experience starts with amazing leadership.​

To help managers at Delivery Hero to fulfil the role of both a manager and a leader, we offer two Leadership Development Programs Managing @ DH & Leading @ DH in alignment with our People Leader Principles.

People Leader Principles

People Leader Principles outline behaviours unique to Delivery Hero and set the foundation for amazing leadership. This defined set of leadership behaviours is applicable to all our heroes and leveraged in our leadership development programs.

Managing @ DH

As a manager, you are assigned a group of employees for which you are accountable for ensuring the performance towards short-term objectives by assigning and directing work. 


Managing @ DH is designed to set a baseline with all new managers around what it means to manage at Delivery Hero.

Leading @ DH

As a leader, you drive long-term vision by establishing trust and inspiring a group of followers.

Leading @ DH encompasses an array of development opportunities that will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviours you need to be a successful leader. 

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