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Growth Planning

At Delivery Hero, each person owns their growth and can choose their new learnings. Our Talent & Culture team will support you by providing relevant learning resources and guiding you to start your growth plan.

Having a Growth Plan is the way you take charge of your career.

Growth Plans are created on Workday and they help you gain clarity around your strengths and areas for improvement.


It outlines a clear path with actionable steps to drive performance and growth.





What learning resources are available to me?


How should I approach my career growth?


A career is an individual's metaphorical "journey" through learning, work and development. For some people this might be a straight line. Increasingly, however, more and more people find that their career journeys take more of a zigzag as goals and interests change. 

Research by Gallup shows that when we focus on developing our strengths rather than only trying to improve our weaknesses we experience faster growth.


Focusing on our strengths helps us to experience less stress and have greater well-being, plus it allows us to reach our goals with greater ease. It's knowing and being mindful of when, how and how much to use our strengths over the course of our life’s journey that ultimately leads to growth, transformation and to being the best person we can be. 


Do the free High 5 Strengths Test or watch the “Leveraging your strengths” course on LinkedIn Learning and add your strengths to your Growth Plan.

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A career typically progresses through the 3 employee life phases:

Please find below your ambitions and which learning resources you can find to help you grow:

1) Knowing where you want to go


Within your DH journey you may have the ambitions to move on to a new role. You may have a clear idea of what your new role is or you may be exploring more options. We encourage you to actively reflect on your career ambitions before taking actions. Be proactive in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and abilities you may need to succeed as you journey on. 

Find here tools to help you guide your own and your team members reflection on their career journey:

2) Growing within your team


Your career progression within your current team can be discussed directly with your Manager. This can be i.e. aiming for a promotion or changing scopes. We encourage you to have regular career conversations with your Manager (e.g. within Performance Reviews). Find below more resources to help you grow per level and per department.

Find here resources to help you grow per level and per department:

3) Growing outside your team


You may want to develop your internal career by exploring opportunities in a different team and/or position. It is recommended to wait with this at least one year after starting within DH. We are happy to receive your application to open positions via our career platform.  Internal applications at Delivery Hero happen transparently and consistently for every Hero. You will go through an adapted Recruiting process and when your career track or scope changes tremendously, your job conditions may be adjusted correspondingly. 

Find here more details for employees considering an internal move and how to drive this supportively as a manager: 

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