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DHSE Rewards Philosophy

Our Rewards Philosophy is to Attract and Retain Talent


At Delivery Hero we use our Performance Management System to support our pay philosophy and drive a culture of pay for performance. We have two opportunities to review pay during the year following our performance reviews. 


Delivery Hero uses Benchmark Data from over 600 Tech companies in Germany, This enables us to measure the external job market versus the same jobs within DH, and allows us to compare ourselves to the market in a number of ways. We do this by reviewing salary survey data of our competitors. Salary surveys provide DH with accurate and reliable compensation information. Whilst this is aggregated and anonymous data by job and level it gives us:

  • amazing insights to enable DH to keep pace with rapidly shifting jobs

  • and allows us to benchmark unique markets, roles, and new skills

  • Offer a competitive total compensation package to our employees


Total rewards key concepts

what we reward with

What do we reward with?


At Delivery Hero, we reward our employees for their hard work by reviewing the overall Total Compensation (TC) which consists of the following pay mix:

  • Base Pay

  • LTIP (Long -Term Incentive Programme)

Your Total Compensation (TC) package can be a combination of both elements or base pay only depending on your job level, job family and performance.


How are our ranges built?

At Delivery Hero SE, we have 10 Job Families in the organization, each of them linked to the salary ranges. Some factors influence the need to have different salary ranges such as job nature, scarcity of talent, market pay practices, expertise and knowledge required for the role.


The combination of job family and job level leads to a job profile. Each job profile will have a corresponding salary range.


LTIP Ranges are built around a given target, assessed based on market data. LTIP targets are differentiated per job family group and per level.

How are the ranges reviewed and when?

Salary ranges are reviewed every 6 months, always ahead of the pay review cycle. See below the process of ranges review for your information:  


In order to review the ranges we look at market data from different providers such as Willis Towers Watson and Mercer, Talent Acquisition insights and feedback from Business leaders. 

This analysis may lead to an adjustment of the salary ranges, subject to approval by Area leaders.

How do we use the ranges?

Salary Ranges have a 50% spread from the minimum to the maximum. This allows DHSE to hire and retain talent at the correct pay levels, with room to grow from developing hires (Growth Zone) to niche key talent (Talent Zone).

  • Said was just promoted to a new role. His new role comes with a whole new set of challenges and growth opportunities, therefore his new pay is going to be placed in the growth zone. As he grows over time, he will acquire all the necessary skills to thrive in his new role and reach the competitive zone.


  • Anne has been performing well in her current role and constantly shows a robust skill set. She is therefore paid in the competitive zone, between 0.90 and 1.10 compa-ratio. 


  • Finally, Isadora has proven to be a key team member in her team. Her contributions, often above and beyond her remit, allowed the team to grow and learn best practices from her. She also has a critical skill set, placing her as a recognised talent in the company. She is therefore paid in the talent zone.

How do we measure our team against the ranges?

In order to evaluate where an employee sits within the range, we use compa-ratios.  They are a numerical value that indicates an employee’s salary relative to the midpoint of the salary range. 


Mid-year Pay Check-in:

  • Focus on pay adjustments for promoted employees

  • Broad LTIP market adjustments to move employees gradually to the market targets

  • Base Pay Increase effective date October 1st.

  • LTIP Grant Date September 15th.

End of year Pay Review:

  • Focus on performance-driven base pay adjustments

  • Discretionary cash budget to resolve inequities and recognise top performers

  • Discretionary LTIP market adjustments to move employees to the market targets

  • Performance-driven Hero Grants 

  • Increase effective date April 1st 2023. The LTIP will be granted on March 15th 2023.

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